This page was updated on 12 August 2015

GoodVolleyball Has Ceased Operations

Unfortunately, after several decades of operating as a pickup volleyball group (under a couple of different names and multiple locations), the game has been canceled due to insufficient participation.

If you are interested in taking charge and resurrecting the group, contact me at manager AT GoodVolleyball DOT Net. Although I no longer play, I can provide a free web site and mailing list.

Mailing List

The GoodVolleyball Mailing List will allow you to subscribe to (and unsubscribe from) our mailing list. You can also modify your email address and view recent mailings from this list. Do not send questions to this list.

Other Pickup Games

Check out Meetup or Mike Daly's for other pickup game locations.

Web Site Information

I have a generous young friend who volunteered to donate a piece of his leased bandwidth on a server somewhere in Houston for our cause. If you have any interest in anime (Japanese animation), I invite you to visit his web site at FanSub.TV . (No, he didn't make me put this link in here. It was my idea.)

This page was updated on 12 August 2015